Integrated System

OCME designs and builds integrated systems that work with the efficiency of a single machine producing as a completely synchronized line.

This means:

Space reduction
The reduced number of conveyors and the elimination of the accumulation between the machines considerably reduces the space occupied.

Overspeed reduction
The high efficiency of the individual parts, optimized and synchronized, and the absence of accumulation of product on the line, allows the elimination of the overspeed between modules, typical of traditional systems.

Costs reduction
The optimization of the components, along with the synchronized management of the system, resulting in energy saving, space saving, saving the staff involved, spare parts and maintenance savings, etc

Reduction in  staff involved
The systems may be controlled by a single operator through a line supervisor PC, connected to the various modules. From one place, the operator can then check all the modules of the block alarms, speed, production statistics, get information about the OEE (overall equipment efficiency), etc.

OCME machines are designed to meet business needs, ethical and environmental issues, ensuring the reduction of energy consumption and waste.

Benefits for the costumer

Facilitated engineering
The results of this choice allow a considerable saving in terms of time and costs for the customer’s engineers, who will no longer need to deal with several suppliers.

Assembly and testing
All systems are delivered turnkey, assembled and tested before delivery, just as a stand-alone machine.

Reduced Maintenance